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Adrienne and Walt hand craft each and every one of their products:

  • Adrienne hand makes each of her ladies hats, hand dying, blocking and decorating them.  She has many unique and different straw and sea grass summer hats, as well as different styles of felt hats.  She has hand made Civil War period appropriate bonnets and formal sinemay hats.  She is available for talks and demonstrations.

  • Walt is a wood turner who hand-turns and hand finishes his bowls and other turned wood objects.  He uses domestic and exotic woods, artistically crafting them to accentuate any decor. 

Nothing we create is duplicated or 'factory made', and each item is completely unique!  We make everything ourselves, often spending hours in planning before beginning the effort.  We believe you will see that our goal is to provide the highest level of craftsmanship in everything we offer. 

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT affiliated in any way with "AB Hats and Accessories" selling on Amazon.co.UK!

About Us:

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Adrienne and Walt Bennett are couple who've discovered that hobbies can be complementary!  Now we've ventured into seeing if they can be profitable as well as enjoyable.

Please visit our Facebook page: A. B. Hats to see our latest news, and find out where we'll be this year!

Don't forget to contact Adrienne if you need that 'special' hat, or Walt for one of his wood creations. 

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Adrienne's Article on Wedding Outfits and Hats:

Please browse our website filled with pictures of products, services, other information and links.  We think you'll have an enjoyable time!


The Royal Wedding prompted Adrienne to create a guide to selecting the proper hat to go with your dress when attending one - you can read her .pdf document by clicking on her picture here: 

Also, visit her blog "Wear the Hat" on BlogSpot:


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